Technical inspection of road vehicles and emissions

We will arrange this mandatory inspection of road vehicles. It called "STK" in czech language. In case of new vehicles it’s done after first 4 years and then every 2 years. In case of used vehicles it’s every 2 years. You don’t know when your STK ends? This information can be found in the technical license or on the back of the number plate.

Required documents: technical license, certificate of roadworthiness, exhaust emission card.

Take the advantage of our reminder system for due STK. Simply use any of our services and you will get this reminder for free.



Description Price

Include fixed costs fees for offices

Vehicle transportation for MOT and back

Price from

2500 CZK

Vehicle Registry

We deal with the arrangement of services in the area of vehicle registration for new and used vehicles. Orders are handled promptly and in the shortest time possible. Do not waste your time and nerves in the registration office. We will arrange everything for you. We believe that you will be satisfied with our high level customer service.

Required documents for a new vehicle: Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) insurance, officially verified power of attorney for registration (the power of attorney is granted by you directly to us), a copy of the purchase contract and the invoice, a clear technical license.

Required documents for a used vehicle: Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) insurance, officially verified power of attorney for registration (from the seller and the buyer as well. The POA is granted directly to us or it states that „the authorized person is allowed to grant this power of attorney to another person/s“), certificate of roadworthiness, registration check, technical license and a copy of the purchase contract.



Service Description Price

Insurance arrangements + price negotiation

Registration check + vehicle transportation

Registration at a municipality office

Power of attorney for registration

3630 CZK

Vehicle insurance

By law, every vehicle operated on public roads must have a liability insurance that covers damages caused by your vehicle. The vehicle can also have a collision damage insurance that covers damages to your vehicle.

We arrange advantageous insurance of your vehicle. Please contact us with more information for us to prepare the offer.


Description Price

Obtaining a favourable insurance

1000 CZK

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